Dan Bednarski's Home Page

A short page about me and my work, pretty much a placeholder for the moment.

My Personal Sites

  • Jumbled Thoughts - My weblog where I rant about stuff going on, just ramble some thoughts, or other stuff. Powered and hosted by Live Journal.
  • Facebook profile - My profile on the facebook.
  • Video Game Collection - A database site which keeps track of all my video games, systems, and even player's guides.
  • DDR Scoresheet - My scoresheets for DDR, fairly empty since I only recentally started keeping track of my scores. Powered and hosted by DD:Recall. If you play DDR, I highly recommend this site to keep track of your scores, and send me challenges. =P
  • Narsk's DDR Pics - Photo gallery of any of my DDR related pics, including score pics and pics from DDR club and various DDR events.

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    Sites I work on

  • Sailor Moon Uncensored - A site that myself and two of my good online friends, Robert Wheeler and Tiffany Wood, put together to basically show what was cut out of Sailor Moon in the dubbing process over here. Also has news, a cover art archive, editorials, forums, and much more.
  • FightingMongooses.com - Home site for me and my friends' guild in World of Warcraft. Has a roster, picture gallery, and forums. Sadly, not used as much as I would have liked to see, currently down. I still have the code and databases, might bring it up just to show off my work in the future.
  • MarioKnight's Bishoujo Online - My first actual site. Was used to serve fansubs of Sailor Moon around the world (#1 site on the net for this back in it's heyday), currently doing...... nothing. ^^;;; Trying to figure out a direction to take the site, hoping for a relaunch in the near future.
  • WikiMoon - A Sailormoon wiki I have been given the honor of being a SysOp for. I admit content-wise, I really don't provide much. However, I do provide more advance maintence as well as other nice backbones to the site.
  • Miss Dream - A Sailor Moon translation site that I help manage. While I don't have the knowledge to translate myself, I do coordinate staff members the projects to be completed and posted on the site.

    Misc. Stuff

  • Change Forum Banner MOD - A MOD I coded for phpBB forums where admins can change the banner of their forums via the admin control panel.